Collages Collages Galactic Embrace (26cm x 32cm / 10" x 12") A child stands at an open gate peering in awe at the wonders of the universe. She is encircled and celebrated by dancing folk as a newcomer to galactic intelligent consciousness. 119095497 Year of the Ox (40cm x 47cm / 16" x 18") 119095481 Preoccupied (25.5cm x 31cm / 10.25" x 12.5") 200648477 Vishnu Kurmavatara (65cm x 90cm / 26" x 36") 119092561 Transi (62cm x 130cm / 24" x 52") 108020613 Mother Earth Meets Sky God (85cm x 95cm / 34" x 38") 119095204 Hou Yi Threatens Surya (75cm x 100cm / 30" x 40") 119095203 Maoopia (26cm x 77cm / 10" x 30") 119095482 Water Down the Drain (16cm x 35cm / 6" x 14") A simple commentary on wastefulness. Empty buckets leading to a world emptied of its water headed down the drain. 119095496 Castle Damsel (27cm x 50cm / 11" x 20") 124058816 Cachondo Macondo (20cm x 27.5cm / 8" x 11") 200648478 Buddha Hears (or Keep 'Em Flyin') (70cm x 82.5cm / 28" x 33") Buddha Hears alludes to misguided wars in Southeast Asia, ironically juxtaposing natural and man-made flight and variously turned V-shaped geometrics. At the bottom, a phone operator whose visage is criss-crossed with flying war planes is set against a pyramidal pile of crashed fighter planes above a bomb-cratered landscape. Atop the operator's head and central to the assemblage stands a statue of the Buddha whose shape is mimicked by a warplane above it with an even tinier plane notched on its left side wing echoing the upturned hand on the Buddha statue. In the center, the remnants of a larger Buddha's face merge with various elements of the backdrop, so that the eyes emerge from bomb craters, the outlines of the nose blend with the upper shoulders of the small Buddha statue and an eagles' beak is superimposed on the left forehead of the face, echoing the outline of the right forehead. Spanning out from the Buddha's elongated ear lobes are dead birds' wings whose skeletal remains blend with the crashed corpses of planes on either side of the operator's face. At the top, a modern day bomber with its in-air refueling port in view cuts across a full moon against which a crane is flying. The crane, symbol of happiness and eternal youth with its legendary millennial lifespan, is pierced by the bomber's left canard while flying in the wake of jet fighters. The Buddha serenely witnesses the short-sighted destructive folly of humankind's bellicose nature. 139673434 Mary Sees Merry Seas (68cm / 27" diameter) This composition attempts to capture the conflicting views of women as alluring objects of worship and of desire, be they emblems of potential salvation or destruction. The forlorn sailor in the center with his back to us standing in a vulnerable rowboat is framed by multiple female limbs in ballet poses. He is caught between a woman's lips and her bejeweled hand lighting her cigarette. Above him is a dispassionate image of a woman with saintly arms crossed over closed lids. Fragile telephone lines running left to right before her visage mimic the stormy motion of the sea. On the upper right, a bishop's staff encircling a statue of Mary is entwined with a Viking ship prow and leads to a nude on a blanket. A paper thin heart-shaped, rose-colored bougainvillea petal is pierced by banderillas and estoque. Shipwrecks abound, tossed by seas and, in the upper left, one is crushed by a spiral staircase wave. In the center left, a petrified face with crossed arms raised in alarm push away the tail of a stone snake, courtesy of Bernini?s central sculpture in Piazza Navone. The snake winds its way to the right, its head circling a green apple, evoking the temptation of Eve. The apple's green leaf morphs into a woman's lips. In the lower right, a panicked castaway grapples up from a wreck on a net that blends with a woman's tossed hair. At the bottom, a First Communion procession makes its way across a telescope representing vision, clarity, and balance. To the left of the eyepiece, a nuclear sub in a woman?s arms emerges from the waves. Further left, a dismembered Christ in a tortoise shell rests in the palm of a female saint's hand that holds up a sailboat cast upon a rock. 139673559 Fertility Fields - Cosmic Willendorf (55cm x 69cm / 22" x 27") 169930919 The Measure of God (81cm x 102cm / 32" x 40") 175534012 Cardinal Knowledge (40cm x 70cm / 16" x 28") This collage can only be seen as an attack on clerical abuse. Black and white images are highlighted with red-hued ones. At the top, the spider-like web of the spines of a cathedral apse is overlaid onto the Papal tiara. An implement of torture wraps around a fragile violin frame containing the lower body of a child. Repeated child abuse is targeted metaphorically by hands counting sheets of paper in a ream that covers the sex of the child. At the bottom, between hands holding up stockings, is a bowl of dismembered doll parts next to a discarded collar. To the lower right, a Cardinal blends into a fur-wrapped Marlene Dietrich. His mitre mocks the imprisoned life of nuns. Nuns are featured throughout the composition. Disturbing images abound, but, as shown at the top, seasons come and go with migrating ducks while tension builds in the slow-moving rose-colored teeth of judicial gears. 181222768 The Face of God (93cm x 118cm / 37" x 47") The title, 'The Face of God,' is inspired by Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk, "Do schools kill creativity?" He charmingly tells the story of a child who is asked what she is drawing. When she answers that she is drawing God, her teacher replies, "But nobody knows what God looks like?" To which the child confidently rejoins, "In a minute they will!" The collage presents a syncretistic theological depiction of God, combining beautiful images from music, architecture, sculpture, nature, and fabric, interweaving designs and ideas at once. The outline of God's face is a knotted batik cloth. The dome of the Shah Mosque in Isfahan serves as headdress. Various symbols float in the cosmos of the cranium: a simian skull, the Hindu sacred thread ceremony (Janev), the Dorje-thunderbolt of enlightenment, Christ's redeeming arms, the Japanese crane dance, languid Arms of Serenity draping the cross-section of a Conch. The Conch represents the expansion and contraction of the Universe; Vishnu blew into the Conch to make the first sound in the Universe, which is OM. Hands on either side of the cranium reach back and forward to the beginning and ending of Time, represented by threaded golden beads. Eyeglass frames encircle all-seeing eyes. The pupil of the eye on left is a glowing galaxy center on the head of a drum, held by its drummer peering into it. The eye on right contains an old diving helmet from whose windows spring a telescope, periscope, microscope, and spider eyes. Footprints of the Buddha suffice for the nose. The left ear is formed by a roller coast and cellos' scroll. The right ear is made up of tuba bells, a gramophone horn, and a nautilus shell. The mouth is formed by a troupe of seated gyrating Ramayana Monkey Kecak dancers from Bali. To the left of the mouth is an arm launching worlds. Just above is an overhead view of a stone head shielded by an arm. The head is peering out at the Cosmos of the left Eye. On the right side of the mouth are three hands playing the flute of Krishna. In the lower left corner is a floating space suit, the glove of which holds Shiva's trident upon which sits a Baha'i temple atop a diamond. In the lower right multi-dimensional orbs within another expanding universe are pierced by a Lama's dagger. 184295310 Twine Theory (50cm x 71cm / 20" x 28") 193144212 Seismic Serenity (68cm x 116cm / 26.5" x 45.5") 193850590 Time's Last Chime (65cm x 95cm / 26" x 38") This collage is an attempt to visualize our last moment. A grounded ship, no longer seaworthy, has but its memory of sea lanes, expressed here by curving roads and highways like open flapping sails. Our mortal remains, like a suit of armor, straddles the bowsprit. Hidden like a ghost on the bell tower is the outline of an elderly rower, hands upon oars. One oar becomes a train, the other a mast. A clock face is his head. An owl peers out, a Kikuyu (Kenyan tribe) harbinger for death. Above, hands with cocked, ready to snap, fingers arise from multiple clock faces atop the bell tower. Goats ready to butt each other rise up on either side of a cosmic bell. To the left side, the seahorse is a brave and patient navigator of the seas. He blends into the scroll of a violin and a jellyfish, the latter being a shamanic symbol of acceptance and faith. The last chime will happen suddenly and be over. A well-lit opera house, suspended in the heavens, witnesses our last. Other "last-gasp" images to ponder: lower left: elderly pensive rower standing on upside-down dying tortoise | lower right: diving dolphin giving birth | bottom: Moray eel striking at oblivious seated man | behind armor suit: plaintive rat caught by boa constrictor | mid-left: fisherman about to launch his spear at eel to right | upper mid right: tribal elder blowing horn 199065189 And On the Seventh Day, God Said "Olé" (85cm x 105cm / 34" x 42") 199065190 Carpenter's Dozen (15cm x 20cm / 6" x 8") This medieval bejeweled cover for a book of scripture allows for substitution of saints with modern day superheroes taken from contemporary postage stamps. 200648479 Transubstanciación (90cm x 130cm / 36" x 52") 200648476 ¡Qué moco! (48cm x 70cm / 19" x 28") 202021318 Troy Ploy, or When Helen Went to Paris (80cm x 100cm / 32" x 40") This collage captures the Fall of Troy. It is dominated by images of power, war and fury, containment and escape, doom and relief. Zeus, on high, above an ominous Hand of Doom, drops his naked daughter, Helen of Sparta, splayed onto the Greek helmeted owl of Athena soaring over Troy. The wings of the owl blend into the composite pieces of an upside down Eiffel Tower that plunges into the flames of ancient Troy. The mountain upon which Troy sits blends into an ominous dragon landscape. Camouflaged armed GIs hide within the belly of The Trojan Horse atop seductive ladies' legs. From the trap door emerges an arm raising a victor's wreath within and above the Walls of Troy. A dragon head blends with the horse's mane. Its menacing emergence reveals the true character of the seemingly benign gift of the horse. In the lower right, a giant squid, propelled from the sea, captures and devours Laocoon, who warned of the peril to come if the Horse were to enter the Gates of Troy. The Greek liner at the bottom returns home. To the left, Ulysses on stilts, will have tall tales to tell when he reaches his Ithacan home. 202021317 Troy Ploy - Detail 202021319 Ave Eva (80cm x 100cm / 32" x 40") 202642706 Natale Naufragile 204391910 Seeding the Cosmos 204391911 Spring Leap Into CrispR Fall New genetic biotech wonders abound. This piece attempts to capture the awesome potential of CrispR Cas9 technology, rife with possibility, mystery, and danger. At the top, a Buddha's face is superimposed on an embryo with a coinciding eye. It peers down at enthusiastic Curly and Laurey from the Oklahoma! musical as they high-step into uncharted domain, their arms blending into golden wings and antennae. Art nouveau porcelain lovebirds extend from the golden wings attached to the dancers, all suggestive of love and natural procreation. Central to the piece are two double entwined ellipses, representing the four seasons, and offering up an optical illusion, at once an atom and a butterfly, emblematic of creation and metamorphosis. In the spaces between are images of genetic material. Leading upward on either side are the brick stairways of the Mesopotamian ziggurat at Babylon, the pyramidal temples that connected heaven and earth. To the left and right in the center, fishes of composite metamorphic images face each other, one suspended above the sun and the other above the moon. On either side toward the center, at the tip of the fishes, are the Egyptian "Eye of Ra" and "Eye of Horus," symbols of protection and good health, also reflective of balanced male and female power. At the bottom, large caterpillars attached to the lower arcs of the ellipses. Their tail horns hold apples upon which a butterfly is alighting. Its thorax becomes a hypodermic needle piercing a cell membrane containing a shattered apple undergoing genetic change. 204391912